I’m NOT a content creator but just a humble Australian football fan who for a long time hoped somebody would put together an historical gallery showcasing Australia’s long and rich relationship with the beautiful game.

All Images and explanations in the galleries have been taken from the Australian War Memorial, State and National libraries, TROVE, Pinterest, Wikipedia and from content from the passionate content creators i have wanted to share within the history page.

I have added Forums, Podcasts, Video’s, Websites and more as i feel this can be a useful space to showcase and find the amazing work Australian football content creators have out here that fans may be unaware of.

I will do my best to credit images and content correctly and if i am in error please contact me as i have good intentions yet little to no experience with such things.

I will continue to tinker and add to this site even if it’s not everyday until somebody creates something better than i can as there is a cost to run but is something i’m happy to do as i strongly feel the football community could find this page useful.

David Smith

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Ian Sysons book “The Game That Never Happened” was my inspiration for starting this page.

Incredibly researched stories that show Australia’s long and complicated history with the game.

But also a history that in my mind stands shoulder to shoulder with many more celebrated nations.


Some Interesting Facts by the numbers


The Australian Mens National team (Socceroos) first official game (1922) pre-dates countries such as:

Mexico (1923) …Turkey (1923) …Peru (1927) &.

Greece (1929)

main-qimg-41f7eeb1e32acb38b81c3dbd9a762394 (1).png

FIFA’s 2006 big count placed Australia in 22nd for registered players

2018 Australia’s total football player population in now over

1 million


In the 17/18 A-league season attendance had dropped to 10,671 average across the a-league

I expect the average to return to above 12,000 once the homeless Sydney FC & Western Sydney Wanderers get their new stadiums.


Australian social media Fan ENGAGEMENT with their A-league club is comparable to the swedish top DIVISION Allsvenskan

Fan engagement is also equal or better than many of Europe’s mid tier leagues.

This is with the lack of marketing other leagues receive


5,905 tickets were sold to Aussie fans for the 2018 world cup

We ranked 9th for tickets sold

We bought more tickets than


Aussie fans have ranked inside the top 10 for travelling supporters in the last 4 World Cups


the numbers don’t lie

Australia has a long,rich,often complicated and very diverse football culture

With over 3 million Australian’s involved in the game to varying degrees

the roots of football run deep in both history and society.

There is a healthy amount of podcasts,forums and websites to service Aussie fans and i will continue to add more as i find them

So i hope this site helps fans find something to take away.